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- Bosendorfer becomes a wholly owned subsidiary of the Yamaha Corp. of Japan after they purchased all their shares from BAWAG, Austria's third largest banking group.
- Seiler sold to Samick Music Corp., who who agrees to continue the tradition of making high quality pianos
- Baldwin ceases piano production at its only remaining U.S. factory in Trumann, Arkansas in December. All pianos now manufactured in their factories in China (owned by Gibson Guitar Corp).

-  Bosendorfer unveils the Audi Grand Piano whose design, in collaboration with Audi, is reminiscent of automobiles.
- The final piano is built by England's Kemble Pianos after nearly 100 years of production. Yamaha, the main shareholder of Kemble,  has announces plans to transfer production to Asia.
- Steinway signs deal with Korean firm, Samick Music Corp., to take a minority stake in Steinway in order to get rid of outstanding debt.
- After a lengthy dispute of trademark ownership rights, Persis International proved its rightful ownership of the Sohmer brand name. Samick Piano Corp. ceased selling Sohmer pianos in 2010.

In July, 200 of Petrof's 390 employees were laid off, some of the Petrof workers in the grand department switch production from grands to lacquered kitchen furniture. Petrof have been making pianos since in 1864.

Cavedish Pianos, based in Yorkshire, resurrects piano manufacturing in Britain.

Steinway bought out by hedge fund firm, Paulson & Company. Estimated value of Steinway: over $500 million U.S. Dollars.

Yamaha introduces the U1TA TransAcoustic piano. The new technology adds a unique method of playback and performance, enabling the player to perform digital sounds and/or the piano's own acoustic sound, generated through the piano's soundboard rather than from a traditional speaker.

Steinway & Sons announces the Steinway Spirio high resolution player piano system.


Pearl River acquires a 90% stake in Schimmel pianos, Germany