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Free and very cheap pianos

It might sound like a good deal, a free piano! Wow!

Or £50 or nearest offer from an Internet auction site

After all, it’s only something to get the kids started on and learn to play - right?

Would you really buy this so your children could learn to drive?

No? Thought not!

So why think they can learn the piano on a clapped out old thing that is really fit for the tip?

The vast majority of free pianos are free simply because the present owners just want rid of them. As musical instruments they are useless. The same goes for the ones that are £50, £100 etc.

As I said, it’s the vast majority that are very poor. Sometimes, though, you can be lucky! Recently I visited a piano that was bought for £30 and it was a very good German piano from the 1950s.

Adverts often use phrases like

       Beautiful Antique piano

A musicians instrument

Would suit a beginner

Needs attention

Not been tuned in a while

Needs tuning

All these start sounding alarm bells! ‘Not been tuned’ or ‘needs tuning’ - I would be asking why.

Once again - get a technician to look at it before hand. Even a free piano will cost to get it moved and if it’s no good you now have the headache of getting rid of it!